How to Place and Order

Everything we do here is custom, from the size of the shade to its decoration. We have laid out the steps here for ordering. We are old fashioned, so pen and paper are a must!

1st: Print out our order form so you can fill in the specifications for your custom shade.
2nd: Measuring instructions for Width and Height… really look at your windows or doors.
3rd: Materials- Yes choices!
4th: Styles more choices…to scallop or not to scallop?
5th: Trims…. To fringe or not to fringe?

Fill out the form, call if you need help, and allow us to make you a truly beautiful shade correctly. The costs of the shade is by width and height in the material grids. The scallop is width based in each grid. Again call if you have questions

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Place Your Order Form

Please feel free to send us your order form here. You may still email them to us directly from your own computer.

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