Roller Shade Measuring

Forgive us for being Technical, but this is important!
Check out the Completed Projects page for examples of both mounting styles.

Accurately measuring your shades will ensure a custom fit for your selected window treatment. Follow the guidelines when measuring for your window shades. Use a metal tape measure. Include measurements and selected mounting method with your shade order. All measurements have to be accurate to within 1/16th of an inch. All measurements are in inches.

The easiest manner to measure for shades is, if you already have shades and are replacing them, is to use what you have. Measure and record the tip to tip. We will duplicate this and they will fit the same way your existing shades fit. Measure height from top of roller to desired hem.

Inside Bracket Mounting is used when the window is recessed allowing the shade to be hung inside the window casement. Outside Bracket Mounting is used when there is insufficient room to hang a shade, or if you prefer, by design, to hang the shade outside the window frame.

For Inside Bracket Mount:

Measure the exact distance between the points where the brackets are to be placed inside the window casement. Round measurement down to the nearest 1/16 inch. Specify (IB) with your order. We will allow for Bracket Clearance.

For Outside Bracket Mount:

brackets be placed to allow for 1 ½” to 2″ overlap on each side of the casement. Specify “Outside Bracket Mounting” (OB) with your order.


Doors are usually outside mounted, but you can give us the dimensions two ways; You can either give us the regular outside mount dimensions as specified previously, or you can give us the dimensions of the window pane and we will make the shade so that the cloth is at least that large.

Measuring Shade Length:

Measure the full height of your window opening from the top of the opening to the sill. We will add 10 inches. This 10″ is the margin required to permit the shade to be drawn to its full length without being torn from the roller.


Brackets, instructions are packed with shades. Screws are for your discretion as to the surface your are mounting into.

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