Fabric Laminated Roller Shades

Laminating is a hand process of applying the Customers Own Material to our room darkening fiber shade cloth. Unless otherwise specified, all fabrics will be laminates to a white fiberglass backing. This is a very beautiful, very durable way of having a shade fit your décor.

Multi purpose tightly woven cloth is recommended. If questionable material is being considered please send a swatch first for testing.

For shades wider than fabric, it is necessary to supply adequate yardage for pattern matching when splicing. Fabric supplied should be at least two (2) inches wider and twenty four (24) inches longer that your window. Splices or seams show, we exercise every care in laminating your fabric, but cannot be responsible for damage to customers fabric.

Fabrics which have either vertical or horizontal patterns will be laminated as straight as possible, but may not be entirely straight in the finished shade.

Reverse roll is not recommended for laminated shades, although it will be the customers responsibility if ordered. Indicate pattern direction, (which end goes to the top of the shade) and which side of the fabric goes into the room.