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Custom Rollershades Include
Our custom roller shades are made with the finest spring wood roller and wooden hem slats.  Large shade components include a clutch system with roller tube of steel or aluminum depending on the size of the shade.
  Spring Roller Shades
Clutch Roller Shades
Custom Laminated Shades

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Welcome To Alameda Shadeshop

The Alameda Shade Shop produces hand made Roller Shades. Welcome to our site. Are you looking for window coverings that add to your Victorian style décor. Maybe you have a Craftsman, Italianate, Cottage or Bungalow and are not happy with modern window treatments. Spring roller shades are the simplest and most effective of window coverings. They have a character of their own. We have many scallop designs to choose from. Window Shades and curtains are perfect for restorations, laminated shades are more for the complete interior design . We do many laminated roller shades for children’s rooms as they can be a colorful, and blackout roller shade. Spring rollers are child safe - no cords.

Everything we do here is custom, from the size of the shade to its decorations.

Custom Laminations & Restoration & Trims
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